Frequently asked questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

We are open Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, parents can drop off their children any time between 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., depending on their needs.


Our daycare centre will close 4 weeks though the year, one week spring, two weeks summer, one week winter.


The exact dates of our week-long closures can change from year-to-year. We will notify the parents of our enrolled children regarding these dates, with plenty of notice.

Our daycare centre will close 4 weeks though the year, one week spring, two weeks summer, one week winter.


The exact dates of our week-long closures can change from year-to-year. We will notify the parents of our enrolled children regarding these dates, with plenty of notice.

We do not provide drop-in child care!


If you are looking for immediate child care, please do not stop by our daycare centre unannounced. If you have any questions, you can try reaching us by phone or e-mail, during our opening hours (7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday).

Yes, we are a fully licensed daycare, operating per the regulations of the B.C. Government for community child care spaces. We are specifically licensed for Group Child Care for under 36 months (i.e. Infant and Toddler Care), and from 2.5 years to school age (i.e. daycare from 30 months to Kindergarten). We follow all staffing rules and laws for our license. We are also open to yearly inspection by government agents.

Yes. Per the regulations of the B.C. Government, we must provide specific ratios of Early Childhood Educators and Assistants, for the number of children we care for. Generally, this is a 1:4 ratio for our Infant and Toddler Program (under 3), and a 1:8 ratio for our 2.5 - 5 year old program. In addition, our managers are also certified, Early Childhood Educators. They act as ‘extras’ when the regular staff need a helping hand.


Early Childhood Educators have 900 hours of training. Our Infant and Toddler Educators have 1300 hours of training. In addition, they have their own personal years of work and life experience. All our staff must meet certain legal criteria before being allowed to work with children in our care. This includes a criminal record check.


Early Childhood Education Assistants have less training, but must also meet certain requirements, legally. Assistants may never be alone with our daycare children, if an Early Childhood Educator is not present.


At the following link, you can read more about government rules in B.C. surrounding child care centres and daycares like ours:

Our daycare centre in Surrey has qualified for subsidies, per the latest offerings of the B.C. government. This Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) provides some financial relief for parents who send their children to our daycare (not all daycares qualify for this program). The government has implemented these policies to increase the availability of affordable childcare in the province.


It is of note that for us to be part of the government CCFRI program, we can not easily increase our fees, without just cause, either. Plus, under this program, parents get an automatic fee reduction, without needing to apply for it, and without having to wait for reimbursements.


The fee reductions you are eligible for under the CCFRI program can depend on your situation, the age of your children, and how many hours a week they are in child care. We encourage you to contact us for more information. Alternatively, you can check the Government of B.C. website for more information.


In addition to the CCFRI, there is also the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB), which has replaced prior child care subsidies in B.C.. Eligible parents can apply for extra financial relief under this program.


Please note that the ACCB and CCFRI programs do not always overlap.


Please also be aware that we must apply to be a part of the CCFRI program every year. Laws and government programs can also change from time-to-time. This website may not be updated regularly. So, please check with us to ensure we can still offer this fee reduction on your daycare fees.

Our main programming is in English. Depending on availability and schedules, it is possible that our staff may speak other languages. These can include Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic and others. Being located in Surrey, our daycare staff is certainly multicultural.


We are more than happy to help a child adjust to daycare by speaking a language familiar to them, at the beginning of their time with us. However, our ultimate goal will be to transition English Language Learner (ELL) children to fluency in English as soon as possible.


Most of the other children in the classroom will speak English. Communal play is a great way to get a child acquainted with a new language. We will encourage peer-to-peer interactions as much as possible, and deliver early childhood lessons in English, too.

Our daycare center aims to provide ‘light,’ age-appropriate lessons to children in our care, as part of their daily activities with us. We aim to introduce a new learning theme each month. For example, one month may be all about sea creatures, another month about transportation, and so on. Our Early Childhood Educators prepare crafts, stories and other activities based on these themes, for a child’s learning. Of course, alphabets and numbers are also taught, in a simple way.


We also invite guest experts to our daycare to teach children the basics of music and dance. Guest teachers may change and evolve over time. For example, we are considering a yoga teacher, too.


With regards to child development, our main goal is to help children at this age develop their self-confidence, and to nurture relationships with peers. We also want them to learn through plenty of unstructured, free play, which we feel is the best way to develop their young minds.

At present, we ask parents to pack sufficient food for their children, for the day. Currently, this is the best way to ensure children will not be given food they are allergic to, or that they are not familiar with. We ask that children do not share food with each other.


We may look into providing hot lunches or snacks at a later date.

We are a nut-free daycare centre. We ask parents to please not pack nuts for children, nor to allow nuts into our facility. We also ask children not to share food with each other.


For children with known allergies, we ask that all applicable medication be supplied to us by the parents. We will keep these safe and handy, should they need to be used. Our staff is trained to use allergy medications in emergencies.

Yes, we have a daily afternoon nap for all children at our daycare. Cots are provided. Some infants require an additional morning nap, which we can also accommodate.


If a child at a certain age is not accustomed to taking naps anymore, we encourage quiet table activities, with supervision of the Early Childhood Educators on staff. Generally, however, we set aside this time for rest and recuperation.


If your child needs special comforts to be able to fall asleep, we encourage you to let us know. We’d be more than happy to do what it takes to make your child feel at home in our daycare environment. For example, it may help them to hold a t-shirt from mom, or to cuddle with a security blanket or toy. If they like calming music, we can also play that for them.

Yes! We have invested thousands into creating a nature-inspired, outdoor play environment for children who attend our Surrey daycare. It includes a short slide, wood chips, logs, stumps, and even a veggie patch.


We take children outside to play for at least 1 hour every day. Sometimes, weather may stop us. But, whenever possible, we encourage children to go out for fresh air, and to burn off energy. Of course, this also develops their gross motor skills, and provides plenty of opportunity for social interaction and spontaneous learning.


We purposely separate the age-groups for outside play, and take them out at different times. This helps to ensure adequate supervision. It also makes for more age-appropriate play that they can all enjoy.


That said, know that we don’t ‘force’ children at our daycare to follow a certain schedule. For example, if a child is still napping during outside playtime, one of our staff members will stay behind to care for them. We will then send them to catch up with the group when they are ready. We try our best to meet the present, individual needs of the children in our care.

Our daycare centre in Surrey is quite new. So, while we’d love to take field trips as a child care centre, this is something we need time to plan for, and to incorporate into our programming.


We are thinking about going to places like the pumpkin patch in the fall, or to the aquarium.


We’ll notify our parents when we are ready for these endeavours.

Yes, we don’t mind parents stopping by to see their children during our opening hours. However, keep in mind it can be interruptive to our daycare routine if other children are distrubed during nap times and activities where we need their focus. For the sake of all the other children at our daycare, we ask that parents who visit only come for a short peek, and that they try not to be noticed, unless absolutely necessary.


We do not allow anyone who is not on a child’s authorized pick-up list to enter our daycare space. Please do not send any relatives or family friends we are not aware of, to visit the children, under any circumstances. This is to maintain security and a stable environment for all the other children as well.

Only persons documented in our files, which parents fill out when applying to our daycare, can pick up children. They must show ID, if they are not the regular parents we recognize for pick ups and drop offs.

Like most businesses, we have ‘regular’ security cameras, in case something goes wrong at our child care centre. However, we don’t provide readily-available footage for anyone to request at any time. Our cameras record for the purposes of safety only.

Like any licensed group daycare, we must follow certain procedures to plan for emergencies. This includes having each child’s emergency contact information and medical history available.


We also keep back-up food and first-aid supplies on the premises.