Our early childhood care philosophy

At our Surrey daycare, we aim to be as flexible as possible, to meet the individual needs of children in our care. We recognize that not all children learn at the same pace. And, not all of them are ready for rigid academic learning, or following a strict schedule. Some of them are still building up their self-esteem, learning English for the first time, or figuring out how to develop social relationships outside their home.

Our priority is, thus, to make them feel safe, welcome and comfortable at our child care centre. We try to help each of our daycare kids transition from their family environment, into one where they can play delightfully, and learn creatively with others. We focus on educating through unstructured play as much as possible, while still giving themed, ‘light’ lessons, and hosting organized, group activities daily. Books, crafts, toys, circle time and outside play are still included in our programming for all ages, where appropriate.


Infant and toddler child care:
0 to 36 months old

Our infant and toddler child care in Surrey is available for ages 0 to 36 months. At any given time, we keep a minimum legal ratio of 1 adult per every 4 children, with a maximum of 12 children in one room. For this group, our Infant and Toddler Educators (who are certified), are focused on providing comfort care, and age-appropriate learning.

For example, simple, colourful toys are presented for the young ones. They may still be learning how to grasp objects, or figuring out the movement of their bodies through crawling. They may also be learning new words and sounds. We encourage them through these development milestones.

Our bright play space includes safe furniture for climbing, or learning how to stand up and walk. We also have furniture for practical care, like diaper changing tables, and sleeping cots. Our Infant and Toddler caregivers also arrange for as many naps as a child needs. We help them sleep with security blankets, soothing music, or other familiarities from home. And of course, we ensure they are fed and given adequate liquid for the day.

Group child care:
2.5 - 5 years old

Our group child care centre in Surrey hosts up to 25 children in the age group of 30 months to school age. We maintain a minimum legal ratio of 1 adult per every 8 children. Certified, Early Childhood Educators teach our tots with theme-based lessons every month. These could be about the ocean, transportation, a specific season, etc. Our activities often surround these themes. We’re always looking for new material and games to introduce, to keep things interesting for children in our care.

Our Surrey daycare, however, is moreso focused on the emotional well-being of our pupils. In addition to academics, we also want them to develop their social skills, to be able to get along with others. We encourage sharing, playing together and group games, for instance. We believe, like many modern, early childhood educators, that learning at this age instinctively happens through play. When preschool kids are given the chance to explore on their own, they are naturally imaginative, think creatively, and solve problems through trial and error. To that end, we devote plenty of time to unstructured play, and artistic development, such as with dance and musical activities.